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Cross Wrap bale dewiring machine helped in reaching recycling plant’s true potential

Poly Recycling AG is a Swiss recycling company established in 1975. Poly Recycling handles over 25 000 tons of PET yearly, which means they have no shortage of plastic bottles. The company had a production line update in 2018, in which they acquired a Cross Wrap bale dewiring machine. It has enabled them to take the plant’s automation to a whole new level.

The reasons for investing in the machine were simple: Poly Recycling wanted to increase their plant’s capacity and save their employees’ time for tasks that still require manual labor.

– When planning the production line update, we wanted to focus on enhancing automation as much as possible. As everyone knows, Switzerland is a pretty expensive country, the Executive Managing director of Poly Recycling AG, Casper Van Den Dungen, says with a smile on his face.

– The machine helps us a lot because we can now operate our recycling plant efficiently 24/7, he continues.

Customer’s needs come first

An important aspect that was considered since the very beginning was that the machine had to be able to withstand cold weather. As Cross Wrap is a Finnish company, this proved to be a no-brainer.

– They design machines for environments that have lots of snow and cold temperatures. We have to be sure that our plant can operate around the clock, even if there’s minus degrees celsius. This has proven to be the case with Cross Wrap bale dewiring machine, Van Den Dungen says.

In addition to the efficient and reliable machine, Cross Wrap has shown to be a capable partner on a personal level as well.

– What I really liked about their people was that they were looking to offer us value-added sales. Cross Wrap was interested in what we wanted and what kind of solutions would benefit us. I’d say they helped us very carefully in achieving our goals, Van Den Dungen concludes.

Cross Wrap Ltd. is the world leader in manufacturing automatic wrapping machines, bale openers and dewiring machines for the waste and recycling industry, including RDF, SRF, MSW.
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