In cooperation

Zeckit collects the background information about companies for you


Nasty surprises are always unexpected. Zeckit helps you through difficult decisiom-making processes when renovating, choosing a cleaning service or even hiring a nanny. Everyone expects the companies they hire to be trustworthy and realiable, but how can you be sure? This impression may be positive, but do you really know the company behind all their promises? Zeckit will help you make better decisions by providing you with all the relevant information about the company as well as information on potential tax deductions in an easy-to-read statement. Check the backgrounds with Zeckit before making an agreement and don’t get fooled.

Zeckit is provided by Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy. Tilaajavastuu Oy has more than 50,000 existing and paying customers primarily from Finland, but also from Estonia and Sweden. Tilaajavastuu Oy collects company data and provides automated and digitalized services that help companies comply with legal obligations, which would otherwise require manual work.