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Ekosystem’s Experiences of Tana Compactors

Ekosystem processes mixed municipal waste in Niedzwiedz, Poland. They needed a new compactor to the site to help create savings in both time and money. Their expectations about the TANA Compactor have been met to the fullest.

It’s a sunny day in Poland and heaps of trash are being pushed around by the TANA Eco Series E320 Compactor. Maciej Zimnicki is the site supervisor at Ekosystem and he has been really impressed with the TANA Compactor from the get-go.

– When the machine was delivered to us, it needed to be assembled. This only took three hours and after that it was ready to be used. It was very simple, Zimnicki says.

“The new TANA is faster to operate and cheaper in service”

The main reason for buying the TANA Compactor was that Ekosystem needed to create financial savings and also save the operators’ working time.

– TANA was the only company which could offer a roller both in the front and in the rear. We need that, because it can knead over the waste faster and more efficiently than traditional wheels. The rollers also reduce the need for maintenance, Zimnicki lists the benefits.

– Thanks to the TANA Control System and the rollers, the E320 Compactor is simply faster to operate and cheaper in service than others, he continues.

Comfort and features like no other

Zimnicki is also excited about all the added comfort for the operator as well as for the people maintaining the machines.

– This machine includes features such as central lubrication, air conditioning, automatic radiator cleaning system, an afterburning system and a roller-cleaning system. On top of this, the cabin is spacious, and the field of view is wide. All these features put together make this machine great. Our expectations have been met to the fullest, he concludes.

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