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Rapal is a responsive partner

Rapal Oy provides tools and services for workplace management and infrastructure cost management. According to the Head of Coor Advisory Services Anna Rudberg, cooperation with Rapal has helped Coor to stand out from its competitors.

Coor is a leading provider of integrated facility management (IFM) services in the Nordics. Their services include for instance solutions in logistics, administration, property management and security. Rapal has provided Coor with measurement tools for space utilization rates. These measurements can reveal for example how well spaces’ capacities match organizations’ needs.

“We see Rapal as a really responsive partner.”

– When I compare our company with our competitors providing similar services, I believe that being able to provide these measurements makes us stand out, Rudberg states.

Important information effortlessly

– There are many tools to measure utilization. We prefer to use Rapal because it is very easy to use, tells Rudberg.

In addition, Rudberg says that Rapal provides data which interests Coor’s customers. For Coor, it is important to access information which they can base their recommendations on.

Collaboration works smoothly

Rudberg thinks that collaboration with Rapal has worked well. She also believes that if Coor had not offered Rapal’s services to its customers, it would not have won all the projects it has carried out.

– If I have any questions, Rapal always answers quickly. We have had some development ideas which have been taken into account. We see Rapal as a really responsive partner, says Rudberg.

Rapal erbjuder programvaror och tjänster inom utveckling av arbetsmiljöer och kontroll av infraprojekts ekonomi.
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