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Effective solutions to transportation needs

Am Zehnhoff-Söns is a German company that offers logistic services with over 100 years of experience in the field. When searching for new solutions to improve their services, they found out about Meclift, a Finnish company specialized in innovative logistical solutions.

From operating truck fleets and barges to rail services – Am Zehnhoff-Söns offers a wide range of services for various transportation needs. Looking for new alternatives for material handling led the company to a cooperation with Meclift.

– We were looking for ways to unload containers so that the cargo doesn’t get damaged, and that’s how we found out about Meclift. We have now been using this machine for about 10 months, Alexander am Zehnhoff-Söns, General Manager in the port of Trier, says and points at the forklift truck behind him.

“We can now work more efficiently”

“The best thing about this machine is that we are able to lift up heavy pieces of cargo inside the container without damaging it.”

According to am Zehnhoff-Söns, the forklift truck has helped the company develop their service in terms of the whole transportation process, as it can be operated even at the back of the container.

– The best thing about this machine is that we are able to lift up heavy pieces of cargo inside the container without damaging it, and we don’t need any special equipment for transportation, am Zehnhoff-Söns says.

Using the forklift truck has also reduced the amount of manual work required when unloading containers.

– We can now work more efficiently and are able to react faster to our customers’ needs, am Zehnhoff-Söns adds.

Reliable customer service

Am Zehnhoff-Söns is pleased with the overall experience – everything ran smoothly, and the forklift truck was delivered in time.

– From the first meeting on, Meclift was very supportive. They explained all the details to us and helped to train our staff to operate the machine. The whole experience was very good, am Zehnhoff-Söns concludes.

Meclift är ett finskt familjeföretag som verkar globalt och erbjuder sina kunder olika slags lösningar inom logistik. Meclift är känt för sina teleskoplastare och sin egen truck produktfamilj.
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