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Award-winning service that adapts to client’s needs

AGCO is a company which designs, manufactures and distributes agricultural equipment around the world. MSK Plast provides AGCO with plastic parts for the machinery using two different techniques: injection molding and reaction injection molding. The partnership has been excellent since the beginning.

At the moment, AGCO is developing next generation tractors. MSK Plast has been an important partner in the process.

– We have distinct global strategies for our new products and we have worked very closely with MSK Plast for the last one and a half years. Now we have a clear vision of which kinds of parts we need from them for the next four to five years, says Lars Müller, Global Commodity Manager of plastic resins and rubber components at AGCO International.

Taking flexibility to the next level

Müller explains that it’s very hard to predict the future in agriculture business. Sometimes they may need to double the volumes immediately and sometimes there can be a situation where less parts or no parts at all are needed. This hasn’t been a problem for MSK Plast.

– They have understood our request for this kind of flexibility very well. MSK Plast actually invested in a new painting line to secure the painting quality. It has not only improved the supply volume, but also the quality of the parts overall. This is a good example of how MSK Plast understands our situation. It was an investment which benefits both sides, Müller says.

When something is promised, it happens

The partnership with MSK Plast has been so good, that they actually won AGCO Logistics Award in 2018. Criteria being parts delivered on time and a good performance altogether.

– Even when we have challenges with demand increase on a short notice, we have their excellent team to help us. They are doing the very best so we can deliver the right parts to our customers, Müller praises.

Because of such good experiences, it’s easy to recommend the services of MSK Plast.

– Their technical capabilities are on a really high level. When they promise something about part geometry and design, they do it. MSK Plast guarantees and delivers excellent quality: very good service for the best price. This is why we have such a good relationship with them, Müller concludes.

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