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Gerard Klotz: “I really love the Findoor and I’d recommend it to anyone”

Canadian farmer Gerard Klotz lives in Denzel, Saskatchewan. Gerard flies a Cessna 172 and he needed to find a door for the hangar he keeps the plane in. Instead of going for a traditional overhead door, Gerard ended up choosing a Findoor folding door and has not regretted his decision.

Gerard first heard of Findoor from a friend who knew of a Hutterite colony that had an all-new kind of a door.

– I became interested in it, so I went to look at the door at the Hutterite colony. I was sold on it the minute I saw it, Gerard reveals.

40 Feet of Doors Opened in Under a Minute

When asked how Findoor door compares to traditional overhead doors, Gerard says that the overhead doors don’t seal as well. Overhead doors also have cables and springs which tend to break.

– This door has nothing like that. There’s absolutely nothing I could see going wrong with it. It’s so simple.

It’s actually so simple, that Gerard can open the whole 40 feet length of doors in less than a minute.

– Basically, you just unlock the latches and slide it over like a closet or a bifold door in your house, he summarizes.

Another factor Gerard has learned to appreciate is that it’s not necessary to open the door all the way. If he only needs to take out, for example, his car, he can open a section of the desired width.

A Door That is Safe to Use

Even though the doors are folding doors, Findoor has made sure that they are safe to use.

– There’s at least over an inch of soft rubber in between the doors. It will not hurt the hand, even if it’s left in between the doors, Gerard says.

In addition to the door being safe, it is also extremely weatherproof. The great insulation comes from the fact that the door is over two and half inches thick.

– There’s not a peak of light anywhere so the doors should be sealed very well against weather. It keeps the heat in and the cold winters and wind out.

– I really love the Findoor and I’d recommend it to anyone, Gerard concludes.

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