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Light, durable and waterproof boot designed for heavy outdoor use

Warrington Golf Club in Warrington, UK was founded in 1903 and has almost 900 members. The maintenance team of the club works outdoors all year around and they wanted to find a durable shoe that would be extremely light as well as completely waterproof. All of these qualities were found in Sievi Gore-Tex boots.

The maintenance team consists of eight people, and previously each of them could be going through two to three pairs of boots a year. In the long run this means that a lot of shoes will end up at a landfill, and this doesn’t match with Warrington Golf Club’s high interest to maintain sustainability.

– With Sievi boots we know we are getting a shoe that will last for at least a year, if not two to three years, says Course Manager John McLoughlin.

– We prefer to buy once and get it right, rather than buy several and get a lot of waste. Previously we couldn’t find a boot that lasted more than six months, he continues.

“Never worn boots that were this comfortable”

“Sievi boots have endured everything that has been thrown at them so far.”

Members of the maintenance team take about 15,000 steps during a workday. This means that the shoes they wear must be as light as possible to prevent fatigue and to be completely waterproof so that their feet will keep dry. Sievi makes sure of this by giving a one-year guarantee for their boots’ waterproofness.

– Our team members are having better endurance because they now wear lightweight boots which are always dry. This makes a massive difference. One of the staff members who started with us recently has worked in landscaping for 40 years. We gave him Sievi boots and he said he has never worn boots that were this comfortable, McLoughlin laughs.

– Our employees also apply a lot of fertilizers, salts and chemicals, which can be corrosive. Sievi boots have endured everything that has been thrown at them so far. With Sievi being a Scandinavian company, you realize the boots are put through high extremes. If they perform well in Finland, you know they are going to adapt to the climate in the UK.

Absolute value for the money

A small but an important detail with the boot is its patented Boa Closure System. With it, one can loosen and tighten the bootlace by simply turning a button.

– It allows the boot to fit fantastically well. You can put on the boot and take it off really quickly, when in the past we had laces that took a lot of time. Now we can just turn the button and it tightens the boot up straight away. This also enhances safety.

Because of Warrington Golf Club’s outstanding experiences with the Sievi boots, it’s very easy to recommend them to anyone looking for a light, waterproof and durable shoe.

– I absolutely perceive Sievi boots as a good investment and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my peers. Sievi boots are obviously a bit higher priced than normal boots, but we don’t mind that since we know we are getting value for our money. If you are providing your employees with the best, they want to go the extra mile for you in turn, McLoughlin concludes.

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